C L I E N T   C A T E G O R I E S

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O R C H E S T R A L ,  S Y M P H O N I C ,  J A Z Z   &   O P E R A T I C

C O M M U N I T Y   &   N O N - P R O F I T   O R G A N I Z A T I O N S

  • H.M.C.S. Qu’Appelle
  • Land’s End Chamber Music Society
  • Maple Leaf Brass Quintet
  • Mount Royal Children’s Choir
  • Quintessence
  • Rhythm of the Rockies
  • The Savridi Singers
  • Southern Stardust Big Band
  • Victoria Police Chorus
  • Voix Des Rocheuses
  • The Voyageur Foundation
  • Westwinds Music Society
  • Westmount Percussive Performance Association


S C H O O L S   &   E D U C A T I O N A L   I N S T I T U T I O N S

  • Lord Beaverbrook High School
  • Masters Academy
  • Midsun Junior High School
  • Mitford Middle School
  • Nickle Junior High School
  • Olds Junior / Senior High School
  • Okotoks Junior High School
  • O.S. Geiger Elementary School
  • Anita Perlau – Music Literacy for Kids
  • Pigeon Lake Regional School
  • Pioneer Junior High School
  • Planet Idiomas -Braszil
  • Quenmar Music
  • Red Deer Lake School
  • Redwater School
  • Sacred Heart School
  • Tom Saunders – Mind, Body, Golf
  • Saint Cecilia Junior High School
  • Saint Francis High School
  • Saint Martha’s Junior High School
  • Saint Mary’s High School – Calgary
  • Saint Mary School – Westlock
  • Senator Riley Junior High School
  • Sir Winston Churchill High School - Calgary
  • Strathcona School – Edmonton
  • Terry Fox Junior High School
  • Vincent Massey Junior High School
  • Willow Creek Composite High School
  • William Aberhart High School
  • Wilma Hansen Junior High School
  • W.R. Myers High School


W O R L D   M U S I C ,  P E R C U S S I O N   &   N A T I V E   G R O U P S

P O P ,  R O C K ,  R A P ,  G O S P E L   &   C O U N T R Y

  • Absolutely Nothing
  • Atomic Me
  • The Bedwetterz
  • Wayne Biffna
  • The Blair ‘Kitch’ Project
  • The Bombermen
  • Claude Choe
  • Cosmic Charlie
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Horny and the Horndogs
  • Initial
  • Dwayne Jack (Da Budda)
  • Leviathan
  • Lost and Found
  • Parasite
  • Jason Popham
  • Summer Posadas
  • Tarik Robinson
  • Mark Ross
  • Screamin’ Rico and the Canadian Back-bacon Boys
  • Sittin’ Idol
  • Still Crazy
  • To Be Announced
  • Lisa Urschel
  • Valhalla
  • Selena Wong
  • Zippermouth

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